Ocean Reef Neptune H08 Helmet

Ocean Reef Neptune H08 Helmet

This helmet is specifically design to be used with the Neptune Space, Raptor and PredatorOCEAN REEF masks. It was created to provide impact resistance during adventurous activities where head protection may be needed, such as cave or arctic diving. The GSM G-POWER SL may be incorporated in to the helmet, which makes it a very unique, lightweight, compact, underwater communication and protective piece of equipment.

The helmet patented design provides an ultra snug and stable fit. The lightweight streamlined design and soft foam cushion provides total comfort and freedom of movement. The lycra rash-guard sleeve prevents neck rash for maximum comfort during long sessions. The 2mm thick shatter proof plastic shell combined with a molded soft foam lining provides an ultra lightweight layer of defense.

The Neptune H08 Helmet is made from the most revolutionary high impact resistant plastics, designed to withstand years of exposure from saltwater and direct sunlight. Anyone who becomes unconscious during a dive runs a very real risk of drowning. The H08 Helmet covers the temple area and ears to help reduce this risk. The H08 Helmet is secured by strong nylon webbing to stay on no matter what you put it through. The helmets soft foam lining is molded from a closed cell non-water absorbent foam and is uniquely shaped for rapid water drainage and maximum comfort. The helmet is also uniquely shaped to have a high cut shell for total peripheral vision and extends down over the temple and ears for extra cover. It is equipped with a protective carrying bag.

  • Fits Neptune Space, Raptor and Predator OCEAN REEF masks
  • Lightweight, Compact and Impact resistant
  • Non-water absorbent foam
  • Uniquely shaped for rapid water drainage and maximum comfort
  • High cut shell for total peripheral vision and extents down over temple and ears for extra protection
  • May incorporate GSM G-POWER SL headset
  • Neptune Helmet H08 Sizes:
    • black rubber
      • product code: OR23099 (M)
      • product code: OR23100 (L)
      • product code: OR23101 (XL)
      • product code: OR23102 (XXL)
    • silver
      • product code: OR23104 (M)
      • product code: OR23105 (L)
      • product code: OR23106 (XL)
      • product code: OR23107 (XXL)
    • Head size measured around the head just above the ears
      • M – Medium (560-580mm)
      • L – Large (580-595mm)
      • XL – Extra Large (595-600mm)
      • XXL – Extra Extra Large (600mm-Above)


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