Ocean Reef GSM G-Power

Ocean Reef GSM G-Power

The GSM G-Power is a single channel powered version of the GSM DC. This unit has been developed for divers requiring a very long range with compact/light underwater communication units. Depending on the surrounding environment conditions, the GSM G-Power can communicate with any other OCEAN REEF communications system (underwater and surface) with a range of 500 meters (1500 feet). The unit also has the autonomy of approximately 25 hours (in standby mode). The second built-in button of the PTT system, allows the diver to adjust the volume of the speaker by choosing the best level, according of her/his needs (i.e. use of a suit hood). The shape of the unit is protected by a “rubber surface treatment,” which reduces the adhesion of air micro-bubbles, and improves underwater communication. The GSM G-Power is equipped with one channel.

Main technical characteristics:

  • 1500 ft / 500 m range
  • 25 hrs autonomy in standby mode
  • Adjustable volume
  • Rubber surface treatment for reduction of micro-bubbles adhesion


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