Ocean Reef GSM G.Divers Transceiver


Ocean Reef GSM G.Divers Transceiver

The GSM VHF is a very unique communication system with the integration of Ultrasonic/Underwater communication features and the VHF long distance communication requirements. It is mainly dedicated to Rescue Team Divers and was developed thanks to the collaboration with the Italian Red Cross. The unit is created to the GSM standard and is hardwired to a specially modified waterproof radio carrying bag. A variety of different VHF radio models can be contained and interfaced to the unit. When purchasing, it is necessary to specify the model of radio desired and OCEAN REEF will custom make the required interface cabling.

The waterproof radio carrying bag may be connected to the jacket or shoulder of the diver (carabiner and strap are included in the package). The GSM may be disconnected from the waterproof radio carrying bag by a rubber waterproof installed connector. It allows the diver to separate the mask/com unit from the VHF radio module. When the diver is underwater he/she can communicate with other divers, as well as the surface by having the GSM unit act as a PTT unit. While at the surface the radio operated and receives audio through the speaker of the GSM unit, while the transmission is achieved by pressing the PTT in the mask built in microphone. The diver does not need to press any button to switch from an ultrasonic diving condition, to air VHF communication. A diver can communicate long distances with any operator on land or ocean surface, including helicopter and boats (depending on the radio installed). One does not need to remove the mask to accomplish this; the diver can continue to operate by wearing the mask and the underwater communication unit. The two systems (underwater and VHF) have completely independent power sources. The VHF continues to work even if there is no battery in the main unit of the GSM or if it is switched off. The diver may decide the VHF band and the channel before or during the dive (this feature is in accordance to the radio model). The GSM VHF does not come with the radio. It may be supplied separately. Use of VHF radio requires local authorities’ permission.

  • Both Ultrasonic and VHF communication can work simultaneously
  • On surface VHF automatically activates
  • May use various VHF models
  • Waterproof carrying bag may be connected in various positions
  • Waterproof connectors allow diver to separate mask/com unit from VHF
  • No need to press buttons to switch from ultrasonic to VHF
  • All communication done with Neptune on
  • Each system has completely independent power source

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