Ocean Reef GSM Cube3

Ocean Reef GSM Cube3

At OCEAN REEF innovation comes first!

The GSM CUBE3 is an underwater communication unit capable of operating wireless/hardwired or interfaced with a VHF radio!! 3 units in one! If the unit is connected to the Alpha Pro X-DIVERS surface unit via cable, then communication is on full duplex with the surface unit (no need to press the transceiver button to communicate). At the same time, the unit is capable of communicating with other wireless underwater units such as the OCEAN REEF GSM G.divers, GSM DC, GSM G-Power and GSM G-Power SL, M105 and M100 G.divers.

By pressing the button of the PTT the unit is transmitting on channel 1 of ultrasonic frequency (channel 1 – 32.768 kHz). The GSM CUBE3 can be connected to a VHF radio (see page 30) through the waterproof carrying bag and other relevant connectors and interfaces. The GSM CUBE3 is equipped with a special plug for the six pin connector which can be used when you don’t need to connect the cable. You can also connect and disconnect the unit to/ from the cable while diving.


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