Ocean Reef GC 2010 Adaptor

Ocean Reef GC 2010 Adaptor

The GC 2010 has been designed for the GSM G-POWER SL to use when a diver wishes to have the option of either hardwired or wireless communication.

The GSM G-POWER SL is the default communica-tion unit used with the GC 2010, connecting at the A point. The MHA-2 connects via the B point. The 3rd plug, point C, is available when the diver must (or wishes) to be connected to the ALPHA PRO X-DIVERS surface unit. The waterproof connectors allow the connection/disconnection while underwater.

Another application of the GC 2010 is with a VHF radio when a diver wishes to wear the MHA-2 (as with the H08 Helmet). See configuration below.


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