Ocean Reef GC 2008 Adaptor

Ocean Reef GC 2008 Adaptor

OCEAN REEF communication units are designed to be user friendly. One of our main commitments is to respond to the variety of diver operative applications, mainly professionals. This is now possible thanks to the GC 2008 adapter which interconnect existing com parts, thus creating the possibility for new com systems.

For example by using the GC 2008 it is now possible to interconnect the surface unit of the ALPHA PRO X-DIVERS (hardwired system) to the headset microphone assembled (MHA-2) supplied with the GSM G-POWER, or separately. This allows the diver to operate via cable by switching from the GSM G-POWER SL(installed in the H08 Helmet) wireless unit to the hardwired full duplex and headset system.

Another option is to connect the MHA-2 to the surface unit of the ALPHA UWCP (underwater cellular phone) by using the GC 2008.

The GC 2008 can be installed underwater.


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