Ocean Reef ALPHA Underwater Cellular Phone

Ocean Reef ALPHA Underwater Cellular Phone

The Cellular Phone has been one of the world’s most dynamic new technologies and only continues to evolve.

Within the last 20 years, this revolutionary device has changed all of our lives completely and is arguably the 20th century’s greatest technological innovation.

It seems there are only a few places on earth that could not be reached by cellular calls. The earth’s oceans are no exception. The sea covers over 70% of the world’s surface, yet receiving an underwater phone call has never been possible, until now.

Since the beginning of its history, underwater communication has been driven by hardwired connections and later by the ultrasonic wireless technology.

OCEAN REEF is proud to introduce a 3rd option in underwater to surface communications, the use of cell phone transmission while diving. This new form of communication from and to divers is now possible with our new product, the ALPHA UWCP.

This new technology makes it possible for communication between two divers, or diver to surface, at a distance of up to 20,000 km away!

This new underwater communication unit is integrated with a speaker and microphone and can be easily installed on any one of the OCEAN REEF full face masks (Space, Predator or Raptor).

This unit is wired with a 40 meter cable and can be modified to most any request. (OCEAN REEF suggests a cable length of no more than 50 meters for action divers). A quick release waterproof rubber connection allows the diver to separate from the cable at any given moment.

The cable ends with a quick water resistance bayonet connection plugged into an impact and water resistant compact box.

This compact box may be contained in a special custom made buoy with a unique top pocket to provide a firm attachment to the box. The device is further attached to the buoy with the use of custom rubber bands.

The buoy has a water reserve bottom pocket for even more stability while on the surface. The device is also equipped with diver flags (international and commercial).

The water resistant surface box contains an electronic interface which can be connected by Bluetooth to a cellular phone. The device works with a 9v alkaline battery. As an option, a cellular phone can be provided for the unit at an additional cost.

Any cellular phone with “voice dialing”, Bluetooth capabilities and with dimensions no larger than 60 mm wide, 25 mm thick, 110 mm high, can simply be interfaced with the ALPHA UWCP. Phones larger then these dimensions can also be adapted.

Custom made units can also be created by request and quantity evaluation.


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