Ocean Reef Neptune Space Raptor

Neptune Space Raptor

The RAPTOR is an O2 cleaned mask. The o-rings are composed of Viton and the o-ring lubricant is a Christo-lube oxygen compatible grease. The Neptune Space Raptor includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The Raptor distinguishes itself by the black Ixef ® polyaramide cover and the black orinasal mask, making it the ALL BLACK MASK.

  • State-of-the-art integrated regulator
  • Excellent visual field
  • Premium grade silicone rubber bellows-type skirt
  • Durable, scratch resistant visor
  • Newly designed quick release system
  • 4 position adjustable exhaust valve
  • Patented 3-D equalization system
  • Six strap head harness with low elasticity and FRB (Fast Rotating Buckle)
  • Integrated surface air valve
  • Easy access purge button
  • Techpolymer protection treatments allow for use in extreme conditions
  • Total weight of 970 g (2.13 lbs) & a positive buoyancy of 296 g (0.65 lbs)
  • Can be used with a communication unit and Neptune System accessories
  • Two sizes:
    • Small/Medium
    • Medium/Large


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