The Ultimate Reasons Why You Should Dive with a Full Face Mask


If you have been diving for years but haven’t tried a full face mask before, then you are missing out a whole new and exciting diving experience that an ordinary mask can never provide.

Beginners or experienced alike, divers unite for safety, comfort, and unimaginable underwater adventure. Upgrading your dive gear to a full face mask could just be your next leap to take your diving to the next level.


What is a Full Face Mask?

A full face mask is an integrated system of the traditionally separated mask and a regulator unit. Sounding less complex than it seems, this enhanced dive gear has the answers for the common issues only divers know about – breathing, communication, and of course, vision.


Previously, these full face diving masks are only being enjoyed by technical or commercial divers. But good news! Now even recreational divers like you can have the same benefits at hand!


You are probably asking yourself now. Why would you make the switch to a full face mask?


Here are the ultimate reasons why.


1. Improved Visibility

A full face dive mask usually allow visibility for almost 180 degrees, more than any ordinary diving mask. Most of these innovative dive masks are anti-fog and has durable and scratch-resistant visors, maximizing underwater vision.


2. Enriched Underwater Communications

Now divers can do more than the traditional hand signals and the OK sign. Yes, with the integration of underwater communications systems to these full face masks, now you can talk to your dive buddy.


3. Locked-in and Secured

A full face mask boasts a multi-strap system; several specially designed independent straps hold the mask and keep it secured in its place. Never worry again about the hassle of grasping it and readjusting it while diving.


4. Better Relaxation and Comfort

Since the regulator is integrated in the full face mask, divers can eliminate any discomfort by the bite tabs or mouth pieces of the typical regulator system. And not holding the regulator in your mouth again means you can say goodbye to jaw fatigue!


5. Unwavering Protection

Covering your whole face, a full face mask provides augmented protection from different in-water elements – jellyfish.  It can even limit sun exposure while diving too.


6. Designed for Versatility

Whatever diving condition you plan for your next dive, the full face masks can be customized to fit. There are also a variety of accessories and add-ons available to enhance your full face mask diving experience.



Full Face Mask Training. Why do I need to take it?


To maximize a positive full face mask experience, a proper training is recommended. Though diving with an integrated mask is easy, a full face mask training course provides technical knowledge that will allow you to dive confidently and safely.


So you’ve learned the ultimate reasons why you should dive a full face mask.


Are you ready to take your diving to the next level?


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